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Latest Education News from Tanzania

Kansas Parents Worry Schools Are Slipping Ami..

  • Posted On: 31-May-2016

The Kansas Supreme Court upheld a ruling that unless poorer districts begin receiving more money from the state by June 30, schools may be closed. View More...

Former Trump University Workers Call the Scho..

  • Posted On: 01-Jun-2016

Former managers of Trump University say it relied on high-pressure sales tactics, employed unqualified instructors and made deceptive claims. View More...

New Freedom to Advance for a New York Teacher..

  • Posted On: 01-Jun-2016

Many undocumented New Yorkers who arrived as children may now apply for teaching certificates and licenses in medicine, nursing, architecture and other professions. View More...

Dakar Journal: A Mission to Bring STEM Skills..

  • Posted On: 29-May-2016

A Nebraska professor who returns home to Senegal to start a robotics competition hopes to instill a drive in schoolchildren to improve their world. View More...

Dreams Stall as CUNY, New York City’s Engine ..

  • Posted On: 31-May-2016

Michelle Obama is to deliver a commencement address at “the poor man’s Harvard,” where critics say a funding crisis is threatening its mission. View More...

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